AN ALLIANCE OF TECHNICAL, FUNCTIONAL AND STRATEGIC EXPERTS We can guide you through the complex world of IT asset management We can help Our mission is to guide clients through the complex world of software licensing Providing independent advice and licensing support for SAP, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft We can help INSIGHTFUL COMMERCIAL SUPPORT TO MAXIMIZE RETURN ON INVESTMENT Delivering commercial initiatives to maximize return on new and existing investments with suppliers We can help

An alliance of Commercial, Licensing and Asset Management professionals.

IT Asset Alliance provide a comprehensive network of subject matter experts, highly experienced in delivering the most challenging IT projects.

Knowledge and insight from leading global software advisors and commercial experts to help navigate the complex world of software licensing and IT procurement

Our vertical leads are highly experienced and subject matter experts in their respective fields. Leading teams of knowledgeable and skilled consultants they ensure even the  …

We help clients to actively manage their software licensing challenges, prepare for compliance audits, negotiate with software vendors and optimize their IT spend.



IT Asset Alliance offer a range of services to help you get the maximum value from your software entitlements.

From purchasing software to advising on licensing compliancy and audit defense, ITAA clients have access to our team of technical, functional and strategic experts who can guide you through the complex world of IT licensing.

Our industry recognized specialists have many years’ global experience working for and alongside IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.

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Effective Software Asset Management (SAM) can achieve many business benefits such as increased control, reduced risk and a more cost-effective use of software assets.

IT Asset Alliance create frameworks that sit around your Software Asset Management software, ensuring you derive the best results from your SAM suite and instilling best-practice principles to manage the rest of your IT estate.

Our SAM specialists are industry leaders in SAM and ITAM process engineering, uniquely poised to ensure your IT and SAM systems are aligned to your business requirements.

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SAP solution roadmaps which align with the IT strategies and business needs of your organization.

ITAA’s Solution Delivery specialists have extensive experience building future-proof SAP roadmaps and running SAP implementation projects, including S/4HANA transition projects.

We understand the transition to S/4HANA is a significant undertaking with a lot of functional impact on your users and technical impact on your IT landscape. We can provide guidance based on the stage you are at and the level of support your require; from validating your initial transition path to designing a full, in-depth transition roadmap.

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A broad spectrum of market and sector insight to provide thought leadership on procurement approach and maximise return on your investment.

IT Asset Alliance are committed to a dynamic and delivery focused commercial service, that will provide you with tangible and sustainable benefits including savings and improved supplier performance.

We work alongside you and your team to find the right solutions, are able to lead and deliver supplier and solution selection processes and optimise your supply base with our expertise and experience.

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The flexibility of IT Asset Alliance expertise and support when you really need it.

ITAA’s Managed Service is designed to help you improve operations, reduce costs and give you peace of mind that those critical activities are being carefully taken care of, allowing you to focus on optimizing your business.

Available as a comprehensive pre-packaged service or custom-built to meet your specific needs.

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Software Advisory Experts With Specialist Knowledge In Their Respective Fields

Need help with S/4HANA transformation? Is an SAP audit on the horizon?

Looking to optimize your licenses? Need support through a contract renewal?

Unsure about your IBM entitlements? Preparing for S&S renewals?

Is your ULA expiring? Received an audit letter from Oracle?


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Our Commercial expertise spans a broad spectrum of IT expenditure

Learn more about our approach and the results we have delivered

SI was needed for a significant software implementation.
We led the RFP, benchmarked responses, negotiated On/Offshore rates and aligned with program delivery to optimise the commercial model and maximise budget.

To meet the needs of an agile delivery team, a CSP was sought.
The client had selected the CSP and we negotiated the rates and terms to provide the maximum commercial flexibility whilst mitigating risk of forward commitment.

A commitment by the client to S/4 provided an opportunity to review their estate.  Partial migration to cloud and end-of-life kit meant a market review, RFP and evaluation.
The conclusion – a new provider and wider implementation programme.

End to end supplier selection process delivered for a global solution.  Integrated with business and IT teams to define objectives, negotiate terms and manage supplier performance.  Outcome was successful delivery with 5% savings.

Leading and delivering a complex strategic sourcing programme. Integrated into the project team to lead the RFP, supplier selection, contract negotiation and ongoing supplier and contract management framework.

An existing supplier proposal was renegotiated in 2 weeks, delivering 10% savings, improved contract terms and a framework to maximise the value from the contract long-term.
Delivery and commercial risks were also identified and mitigated.


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