Oracle Insight: Oracle license compliance – €3m settlement costs saved


oracle license compliance

How we helped our client defend the findings of an Oracle license compliance audit, saving them over €3m in settlement costs.

Faced with an Oracle license compliance audit, Violis* approached us to predict the results – and ultimately defend against a sizeable non-compliance settlement.

How the license audit process unfolded

Our client Violis, a large organization based in the Netherlands, wanted us to assess their Oracle license compliance situation ahead of a forthcoming audit.

Our assessment revealed that the best outcome for Violis would be a claim of around €3 million. We explained how we had reached that conclusion, and presented a report outlining ways we could help them to reduce the figure in advance.

Violis believed this figure was extreme, and decided to proceed with the audit without addressing the areas of risk we had uncovered.

A year later, Violis contacted us again. The result of their audit was even worse than predicted, and they were facing Oracle license compliance risk of €7 million. Having spent many months trying to reduce that amount, they had reached an impasse in their negotiations with Oracle at €3.5 million. Was there anything we could do to progress negotiations further?

Our approach to defending the non-compliance settlement

We set to work helping our client to challenge the outstanding amount. This involved many meetings, some with Oracle present, reviewing and analyzing the technical details.

Our intricate technical analysis revealed ways to reduce the non-compliance claim significantly to around €300,000. At this point, Violis were keen to settle – it would have been an exceptional result.

However, we were confident that with further negotiation, we could reduce this figure even more, and we continued working with all parties to achieve that.

Our automated tools for assessing Oracle license compliance

How were we able to achieve this result, when Violis had already tried everything they could to reduce this substantial non-compliance claim?

The automated tools we have spent years developing mean we can see extremely accurate results in a very short space of time. It would take in-house teams and even external consultants many weeks to assess Oracle license compliance using the same numbers. And if just one of those numbers were incorrect, it would skew the entire result.

Assessing Oracle license compliance and defending non-compliance claims is what ITAA’s Oracle experts specialize in. This expertise could save your organization millions.

If you need advice on defending a forthcoming or recent software license audit please contact us to find out how we can help.

*Protecting our clients’ confidence is of utmost importance at ITAA. While our success stories are based on true projects, we have used fictitious names and removed or changed other identifiable details.

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