oracle license audit process

Oracle Insight: How to manage an Oracle license audit

Learn more about Oracle license audits and how to manage them from our Oracle licensing expert Daniel Hesselink Oracle reputedly use their license aud...

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java se license change workshop webinar

Oracle Insight: Java SE licensing – how to manage compliance after Oracle’s 2021 changes

Learn more about Java SE licensing from our Java experts Daniel Hesselink and Man Hoe Nguy With the introduction of the “Oracle No-Fee Terms and Condi...

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sam recycling first

SAM Insight: SAM – why recycling comes first

Learn more about why you should adopt a ‘recycling first’ approach to Software Asset Management from our SAM expert Rory Canavan Have you been the wro...

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managing commercial risks and opportunities

Commercial Insight: Managing commercial risks and opportunities

Learn more about managing the commercial risks and opportunities in your IT organization from our commercial experts Emily Petty and Sarah Walters Exp...

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licensing oracle on vmware

Oracle Insight: Licensing Oracle technology on VMware

Learn more about licensing Oracle technology on VMware from our Oracle licensing expert Daniel Hesselink It’s not the customer at risk. It’s Ora...

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s/4hana migration

SAP Insight: Achieving best value from your S/4HANA license migration

Learn more about the commercial licensing aspects of an S/4HANA migration from our SAP licensing expert Becki Riall If your organization sees a long-t...

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how to prepare ibm audit

IBM Insight: How to prepare for an IBM audit

Learn more about best practices when preparing for an IBM audit from our IBM licensing expert Koen Dingjan Have you received an IBM software audit not...

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sap software 5 webinar series

SAP Insight: Licensing and Managing your SAP Software – 5 Webinar Series, Nov 17-Dec 9, 2020

Make educated decisions on licensing and managing your SAP software investment Learn the ins and outs of SAP license audit, Digital Access and S/4HANA...

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