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Contract Management

In-life contract management delivers sustainable supplier performance

Supplier agreements change throughout their lifespan. Support and Maintenance tends to be annual, hardware purchases can have 3-5-year warranty and maintenance agreements, and IT Services rates can be fixed generally for 1-3 years. Any renegotiation is an opportunity to review and improve, particularly cost and value.

Contracts can also change terms and terminate. These all present different opportunities that we can support with.


  • Renegotiation, an opportunity to save

    Effectively managing contracts and their evolution is critical to being in the driving seat with suppliers. Support renewals are a great opportunity to review and renegotiate service levels, requirements, and scope. All of these elements ultimately impact price. A clear view of current contracts means you will be in a position to lead negotiations, rather than being vendor-led.

    We produce cost comparison models and recommend options that are focused on your organisation’s objectives. We can guide you through any negotiations stage to identify and deliver results.

  • Exit management to mitigate risk

    Agreements amend or end for either positive or not so positive reasons, no matter how big or small, it often creates a headache to end the service or migrate to another supplier. Developing an exit or migration plan that enables a smooth transition mitigates the risk by ensuring continuity of supply or efficient termination of service.

    We develop exit or migration plans, either at contract negotiation, migration stage, or termination of service that will meet your business objectives and reduce the bumps in the road.

Key benefits

  • Contract review delivers benefit

    Regardless of the term of the agreement, there is always an opportunity to review the terms. This can be driven by a change in organisational structure or strategy, an impact in the marketplace, and changes in supplier position. Whatever the reason, having a good relationship with suppliers will make these negotiations easier.

  • Trusted third party to take the pain

    Exiting a supplier can be difficult, particularly if there has been a long standing and in-depth relationship. Our clients have found that using us as an impartial third party, enables more focus on the delivery, as well as effective management of the multiple relationships.


  • A roadmap for the end of the service

    Defining an Exit management plan delivers a roadmap for the end of the service. It provides focus for the various parties involved, defines the termination of a service, or negotiation of a new agreement. The conclusion is a transition that mitigates risk to the business and delivers the commercial and strategic objectives set at the start.