ITAA Services and Expertise

Evaluation and Negotiation

Preparing your position prior to negotiation to deliver commercial objectives

At this stage the proposals are evaluated across all relevant teams, and we define what you need to achieve from the supplier negotiations.  We work with you to determine the gap between what you need and what has been proposed.  The focus of the plan is how to deliver the optimal outcome, alternatively a settling position and ultimately the key points that must be resolved.


  • Proposal evaluation

    All the teams defined in the commercial strategy construct the scorecard, covering commercial, legal and technical areas. We assist with the construction of the scorecard, the size of the project determines its complexity. Key considerations include supplier capability, cost, risk, dependencies, market position, and financial security. The components of each element are weighted and then scored by the relevant team, providing a score per supplier response.

    We have templates to produce the evaluation scorecard, post evaluation we produce an overview to of the scores and proposals to inform supplier selection.

  • Contract negotiation

    Negotiations can take different forms; new agreements with new suppliers, new agreements with existing suppliers or optimisation of existing agreements. The approach is developed with you, by providing insight and knowledge on both the vendor and market that will deliver the agreed results. Renewals are a perfect opportunity to renegotiate and improve agreements.

    We develop a comprehensive negotiation plan that will evolve as negotiations progress, empower you to take the lead if required, and deliver on the agreed outcome.

Key benefits

  • Focused team

    Insight and information realise the best outcome from a negotiation. Our skills are focused on leading a concise and structured approach, to include commercial, legal and technical elements. The team develops the negotiation plan together before engaging suppliers.

  • Roles and responsibilities

    We are able to advise and support or be at the table with you. Our experience shows that certain scenarios can advocate an independent party taking the lead, we are here to provide that role.

  • Defined results

    Defining the results in advance of a negotiation means the team is focused and know the best and alternative positions. Suppliers recognise confident behaviours in customers and know that you are in the lead.


  • Best Commercial Result

    An aligned and confident team, with defined objectives, will always deliver the best commercial result.