IBM Internal compliance review


Commercial and supplier management to deliver an optimal cost solution.

If your organization is seeking to procure a green field license solution, optimise an existing estate, evaluate a SaaS proposal, review maintenance and support arrangements or contest an audit result, we can provide a tailored support package.

Commercial Stages

  • Requirements and Market Analysis

    Working alongside your technical teams, we identify your detailed requirements before approaching new or existing suppliers. This provides accurate supplier responses and will expedite the project. We produce market appraisal reports, RFI/ RFP templates and scorecards depending on the stage in the supplier selection process.

  • Supplier Negotation

    Insight and information are key to achieving the best outcome from a license house negotiation. Our skills are focused on leading a concise and structured approach to contract negotiations, to include commercial, legal and solution elements. The team develops the negotiation plan together before engaging suppliers.

  • In-life Managment

    Having insight into a supplier’s mindset and behaviours is valuable in any commercial and technical relationship, whether it’s a new engagement or existing supplier. Engagements across many software houses have led us to develop a coherent supplier management program, either tailored to specific suppliers or for generic adoption.

  • Review and Refresh

    License support and maintenance agreements are generally renewed annually. This is an opportunity to optimise the existing landscape and deliver cost savings. We produce cost comparison models and recommend options that are focused on your organisation’s objectives.

Key Benefits

  • Cost Management

    Too often suppliers are able to access commercial information before a project goes to tender. We can avoid budgets being stretched further with an aligned internal commercial approach.

  • Governance and Risk Management

    Starting with a clear set of requirements and defining roles and responsibilities provides a robust process for choosing a solution or supplier. The stage in the procurement lifecycle will determine which approach to take.


  • Problem

    We were engaged to identify a global software supplier to meet a client’s requirements for a warehouse management system. The key requirement was that the vanilla solution would deliver the majority of the functionality required.

  • Solution

    We constructed and issued an RFI in collaboration with business and technical teams. We used the responses, alongside a market appraisal to identify the top 5 capable suppliers against high level criteria. The next step was to issue an RFP detailing more in depth functional and non-functional requirements. We evaluated the supplier responses against a detailed business, technical, legal and commercial scorecard.

  • Result

    A number of suppliers went through initial negotiations to provide commercial and technical tension. Negotiation strategies were developed for all parties, engaging all relevant client teams. Based on the defined objectives set at the start of the selection process and the adherence to the negotiation plan, the supplier selection was definitive, ultimately able to provide the optimal solution, and deliver 25% savings against the original budget.