ITAA Services and Expertise

Strategy Development

Providing thought leadership to help map your direction and goals

Sitting alongside you to understand what is important for your organisation and it’s direction is essential in strategy development. We produce a bespoke document, tailored to your needs, either from scratch or built on what already exists. Our aim is to put you in the driving seat, allowing you to leverage maximum value from your spend and supplier base.


  • Tell us where you want to go

    Whether you know where you are headed or not, we will start by listening to you. The first phase is always about finding out about your organization, it’s values, objectives and goals so that we can be sure we put you on the right course.

  • We’ll help you get there

    Once we know the destination and timeframes you want to work to, we map out a procurement strategy and ensure there is a review mechanism built in so that what we leave you with is sustainable whether we continue to support you in the future or not.

Key benefits

  • Action-oriented

    Most of our clients know what their strategy is, they just haven’t had the time to develop their thinking, write it down and make a start on delivering it. Having us as your partner in this process enables it to be captured and become real with a tangible set of actions in place to start you down the road of delivery.

  • Better Prepared

    Having a strategy in place allows you to be clear about your direction and what steps you are taking to get there. We will also have identified any risks associated with the plan and identified how to mitigate or respond to them should they occur. All of this ensures you are better prepared for the future and more likely to deliver the outcomes you want.


  • Understanding and communication

    Clear direction and goals help teams and organisations ensure there is a common approach. Aligning your procurement strategy to your overall business goals ensures you are driving in the right direction and allows you to demonstrate that to the rest of the business.