ITAA Services and Expertise


To improve the commercial performance of your organization

Our toolkits will provide expertise to improve your existing procurement organisation or take you on the implementation journey. We will deliver an end to end solution that meets all your spend, contract and supplier management needs.


  • Identify the good bits!

    The first stage is a process and tools review for your team but also the wider business areas that you interact with (for example legal and finance). We will identify the parts that work well and use these as the building blocks to redesign the parts that don’t.

  • Sustainability

    Although based on our knowledge and experience, everyone’s needs are different so we will design and build what you need to make the process work for you. Simple and efficient is our objective but some businesses are naturally complex and require extra stages and steps. Whatever is required, our aim is to deliver a sustainable process and toolkit to improve service and process performance.

Key benefits

  • Tailored solutions

    One size does not fit all and so we always offer bespoke solutions based on your needs.

  • Clarity

    Embedded and long-standing processes and toolkits are often hard to pick through when you have the day job to focus on as well. We will provide the objective lens that allows everything to be questioned to ensure what you are left with is clear and adds value.


  • Tangible outputs

    We will ensure you have everything you need to do your job once the process is complete. Process flows, templates, ‘how to’ guides, intranet updates, tools and techniques that provide an end to end solution that will work for your business.