IBM Internal compliance review

IBM Benchmark insights

How our market insights can help you

Most IBM customers only experience a compliance audit or agreement negotiation once every few years. We stay up to date with the latest IBM licensing developments to ensure you can operate at an expert level in all your interactions with IBM.

  • License model risk analysis.

    For new clients who are beginning to build an internal IBM license compliance program we provide benchmark information on IBM product and license model risk levels, to ensure you are correctly prioritizing your compliance management activities.

  • Audit procedures, tactics and pitfalls.

    IBM and its auditors continually innovate their audit approach and negotiating tactics. We stay on top of these developments to help you predict the course and outcome of any audit.

  • Agreement terms and conditions.

    We have supported our clients to add or modify clauses in their IBM enterprise agreements, which may benefit your organisation as well.

Key Benefits

  • Gain leverage.

    Understand IBM’s leverage points, including what they have and have not accepted in their interactions with other customers.

  • Avoid known pitfalls.

    We help you to avoid strategies that diminish your chances of success. For example, many customers attempt to challenge IBM’s positions on sub capacity licensing, solely on legal terms. We can share our tried and proven strategies which tackle full capacity licensing risk from multiple angles.

  • Understand your options.

    Prepare for any interaction with IBM by understanding your agreement and licensing options, including those that are not typically advertised by IBM sales representatives. We can share insights into how other customers have dealt with questions such as: Is it better to aim for a three-year ESSO agreement, or is it better to renew S&S annually at a lower discount level?