IBM Internal compliance review

IBM License knowledge base

Automation that benefits you

Due to the vast scope of IBM products, versions and licensing documents, manually keeping on top of IBM’s licensing rules is virtually impossible. For this reason, we continually build in-house software to automatically collect and process key IBM licensing documents. This knowledge base is used to inform our advice and decisions during all our advisory projects.

  • 1. Product bundling:

    IBM is unique in the way it bundles its software products. We stay up to date with the latest bundling rules and relationships and share these insights with you as part of our engagement.

  • 2. Data collection templates:

    Many IBM software products have their own approach to measuring license requirements. We use automation to quickly generate entitlements-based information collection procedures during any project.

  • 3. Announcement letters:

    Every week IBM releases a large number of announcement letters to describe software product and licensing changes. We automatically process and filter these to keep track of any rule changes that impact your organisation.

Key Benefits

  • Focus on value

    Spend less time on manual data processing and more time on value-added analysis

  • Highlight grey areas

    Discover obscure licensing rules and license models that are overlooked even by IBM and its auditors

  • Pricing insights

    Gain valuable insights into unpublished pricing information and licensing alternatives