IBM Audit Defense

Stay one step ahead of IBM and its license compliance audit firms.

IBM periodically audits its customers through third parties such as KPMG and Deloitte. These audits can be disruptive and sometimes lead to significant license compliance exposure. We provide immediate support, helping you to navigate the audit process to ensure optimal results, whichever audit phase you are in.

Many organizations unknowingly face license compliance risks far exceeding their annual spend. We can help reduce any license shortfall value by more than 90%, even when the audit firm has already shared the draft audit report.

Audit support stages

  • Initial risk assessment

    During our one-week risk assessment we compare your IBM entitlements list and discovery tool reports with our audit benchmark data. We then identify your key risk areas and establish a high-level plan to mitigate those risks.

  • Internal audit

    Using detailed audit procedures for all IBM products in scope, we produce an effective license position (ELP) report, equivalent to those produced by IBM’s own audit firms.

  • External audit support

    From negotiating the audit scope and data collection approach, to delivering technical evidence, we guide you through the external audit from start to finish.

  • Audit report review and settlement support

    Our careful and detailed analysis of the draft ELP identifies all mitigating evidence, technical arguments and licensing interpretations, helping to reduce your compliance exposure and strengthen your settlement negotiating position with IBM.

Key benefits

  • Risk mitigation

    Our goal is to ensure optimal financial results for our clients. This includes mitigating full capacity risk exposure, even in the absence of the IBM license metric tool.

  • Streamlined audit process

    IBM audits can often take up to two years. Our extensive technical audit experience reduces the effort required to navigate the audit process.


  • Energy & Utility

    Started project by coordinating audit information collection from 50+ stakeholders in large and complex organization. Mitigated ILMT deficiencies during audit and collected evidence to support customer during audit report negotiations. Reduced risk from $140M to $8M in final settlement.

  • Retail & Trade

    Pre-audit support + audit support project. Full capacity risk based on initial risk assessment was $38M. Subsequent implementation of ILMT and audit support led to final settlement of $400k (99% risk reduction).

  • Financial Services

    Performed second-opinion review of KPMG audit report and supported subsequent negotiations with IBM. Fully mitigated $3.1M fees incorrectly claimed by IBM (100% risk mitigation).