IBM Internal compliance review


The indispensable tool for IBM license compliance MVPs

The Blue-LM SaaS subscription is for experienced SAM professionals who perform IBM license compliance activities on a regular basis. We provide this subscription either as a standalone service or in conjunction with other IBM license compliance services.

Implementation stages

  • Initial setup

    Import your IBM entitlements data and ILMT audit snapshot report to unlock valuable insights into your IBM licensing estate.

  • Generate reports

    Take an in-depth look at detailed software and licensing information across all of IBM’s commercial offerings. Our data repository is refreshed on a weekly basis.

  • Monitor compliance status

    Monitor your IBM license compliance position based on current entitlements data, ILMT audit snapshot reports and non-ILMT deployment quantities from our automatically generated audit templates.

  • Third party support

    Blue-LM is the tool of choice for SAM consultants to provide efficient and comprehensive IBM license compliance advice to your customers.

Key benefits

  • One-stop shop

    Find all key IBM licensing information within a single web portal, including LI documents, announcements letters, pricing, audit templates, support information, bundling relationships and part number replacements.

  • Automation

    Save time on repetitive tasks such as processing entitlements data, analyzing ILMT reports, researching software bundling, finding part number evolutions and creating Excel templates for non-PVU license metrics.


  • Consulting

    Boutique consulting firm uses Blue-LM support customers on IBM compliance issues with increased efficiency and accuracy.

  • Health

    Blue-LM subscription used to improve customer implementation of FlexNet Manager Suite (FNMS) sub capacity reporting configuration (including product bundling).

  • Consulting

    International consulting firm uses Blue-LM as repository to retrieve IBM software pricing information for IBM customer benchmark projects.