IBM Internal compliance review

IBM Contract Negotiation Support

Negotiate from a position of strength

Negotiating agreements with IBM can be highly complex, particularly when IBM sales representatives communicate with many stakeholders within your organization.

Successful negotiations with IBM always result from careful preparation and from knowing which cards each side holds.

We have supported many clients to prepare for new IBM agreements or agreement renewals by carefully analyzing software demand, comparing licensing options and prioritizing key terms and conditions.

Contract renewal stages

  • Assess existing agreement(s)

    We analyze your current agreements with IBM to understand options and limitations and benchmark pricing to compare your current levels with those of other IBM customers.

  • Internal assessment and future demand

    Through our detailed knowledge of IBM software license audit procedures, we can establish the minimal licensing requirements for all high-value and high-priority products. We then facilitate discussions with internal business stakeholders to establish future software demand.

  • Establish agreement priorities

    Once we have established the licensing baseline, we assess the historic and current relationship with IBM and identify key priorities for any future agreement.

  • Continued support

    After the agreement is signed, we offer continued guidance to ensure you meet all agreement obligations and are making the most of any beneficial clauses (such as license substitution), so you are fully prepared for agreement milestones and end dates.

Key benefits

  • Smart agreements

    We strive for our customers to achieve future-proofed agreements that go beyond pricing discounts, ensuring optimal value and minimal risk of additional spend. Our focus areas include software licensing flexibility, expected future demand, optimal agreement duration, audit forbearance clause, SAM program option and not to exceed (NTE) support clauses.

  • Market insights

    Level the playing field by using our first-hand knowledge of contract negotiation results between IBM and their enterprise customers. We help you to understand the agreement options IBM typically proposes, as well as agreement clauses they do not proactively offer.


  • Health

    Performed 9-month IBM license review covering over 30 sites to prepare for cancellation of IBM support contract. Results include $8 million in savings to organisation for subsequent 3 years.

  • IT Services

    Provided ongoing IBM compliance measurements for the duration of a 5-year enterprise agreement worth $700M.

  • Financial Services

    Performed review of draft License Management Option (LMO) procedures and suggested improvements to enhance operational efficiency and limit compliance risk. LMO is the predecessor to the current IBM SAM program.