IBM Internal compliance review

IBM ILMT Implementation

Keep your ILMT implementation compliant with sub capacity requirements

Installing and correctly configuring the IBM license metric tool (ILMT) is key to benefiting from sub capacity licensing. Failure to meet the requirements of sub capacity licensing is the highest license compliance risk area for IBM customers and can lead to license compliance exposure exceeding $100M.

In recent years, IBM’s interpretation of the sub capacity requirements has become increasingly strict. It is not sufficient just to have BigFix agents deployed on all target machines. Auditors are now also closely reviewing whether ILMT is properly configured and up to date. Any ILMT discrepancies will often prompt IBM’s auditors to report full capacity deployment figures which are then used by IBM as negotiation leverage.

We have extensive knowledge of all steps of ILMT implementation, from initial installation and BigFix agent deployment, to ILMT reporting configuration and applying product bundling and exclusions. We can ensure you are compliant with sub capacity requirements while making sure the PVU/RVU quantities reported by ILMT are accurate.

ILMT implementation stages

  • Preparation

    For new installations of ILMT, we first assess the target machine scope and recommended architecture, as well as the corresponding technical prerequisites.

  • Technical installation

    The central ILMT/BigFix server software and supporting databases are installed and BigFix agents are distributed to all targeted servers, using the distribution method most suitable for your organization.

  • Reporting configuration

    With our knowledge of IBM products we can fully configure ILMT reporting, including product bundling and exclusions. This way we ensure ILMT audit snapshot reports are accurate and optimized based on the licenses you own.

  • Health check

    Our quarterly health check helps ensure ongoing compliance with the sub capacity requirements and flags any issues caused by changes in the IT environment, or by new ILMT product versions.

Key benefits

  • Peace of mind

    Any compliant installation of ILMT is only one step away from incurring significant full capacity compliance risks if, for example, a BigFix agent installation or legacy software catalog failed. We help you proactively avoid ILMT risks by continuously tracking ILMT health indicators.

  • Operational efficiency

    In most organizations, the technical administrator managing ILMT does not have the required IBM licensing expertise and contractual knowledge to make optimal ILMT reporting decisions.

    We help you get the right answers to the right questions to ensure optimised ILMT reports.


  • Energy & Utility

    Performed end-to-end ILMT deployment project to ensure compliance with post-audit settlement agreement. Implemented procedures to ensure ongoing compliance with sub capacity requirements, and leveraged lower-cost license models to lower (sub capacity) total deployment value from $16M to $3M.

  • Financial Services

    Fully mitigated IBM’s license compliance claim of $3M by applying ILMT report configuration and optimizing license allocations. Product bundling and exclusions were applied in ILMT to ensure accurate quarterly reports.

  • Health

    Supported client in implementing sub capacity reporting with FlexNet Manager Suite (FNMS) as an alternative sub capacity reporting tool. Prior internal compliance assessment was used to configure accurate reporting in FNMS.