s4hana license migration

SAP Insight: S/4HANA – What, why, when and how?

Understanding SAP’s next generation application ERP – a whole new technical and licensing suite. S/4HANA is the new and improved version o...

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When to outsource

Commercial Insight: When should businesses engage external expertise?

All businesses understand that they can’t possibly operate without the help of third parties but the decision of when to manage requirements in house ...

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IBM License Metric Tool

IBM Insight: Stay compliant and optimize spend with the IBM license metric tool – ILMT

Stay compliant and optimize spend with the IBM license metric tool – ILMT Koen Dingjan, IBM specialist at ITAA The most significant compliance risk fo...

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Commercial Insight: Are your incumbent IT Services suppliers delivering the right level of service for the right price?

Using independent commercial specialists to focus negotiations with a long-term incumbent supplier delivered 20% savings, improved commercial terms an...

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Commercial Insight: Reducing run costs by 25% whilst transforming services for a £23m contract for a Financial Services client

A commercially led program overcoming major challenges, building the business case, and delivering a world class contract with longevity and value *Pr...

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Commercial Insight: Reducing project costs by 25% through integrated commercial management

Global distributor Medias ships thousands of next-day parcels and needed to access versatility in different markets, reduce software development and l...

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Microsoft Insight: Is your incumbent vendor always the best commercial option?

ITAA helped Virtuoso to understand the complex contractual options, successfully negotiate with a shortlist of vendors and achieve a €1m cost saving *...

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Commercial Insight: How to deliver commercial benefit from your managed infrastructure service provider

Insightful technical and commercial decisions helped Marinar rescope and upgrade its Infrastructure whilst achieving sustainable business benefits *Pr...

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S/4HANA license migration

SAP Insight: How to achieve the best value from your S/4HANA license migration

November 26, 2020 : 11:00 BST – If your organization sees a long-term future with SAP, a move to S/4HANA is likely to be inevitable. This is a s...

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Commercial Insight: How can you augment organizational performance and commercial benefit whilst moving your IT development to Agile delivery?

Cross functional collaboration delivers informed technical and commercial decisions that enabled Omnia to update its IT environment, improve pace of d...

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