IBM Internal compliance review

CloudKey – Cloud Assurance Plan

Regular benchmarking

We take periodic benchmarks of your infrastructure to gain an insight into your cloud environment, and develop concrete steps that allow you to make immediate savings.


  • Data collection

    We send you a step-by-step plan explaining how to collect the necessary data for us to connect to your cloud environment.

  • CloudKey scanning

    Your cloud environment is periodically scanned and analyzed by CloudKey.

  • Results

    We share the results with you, so you can see whether your cloud environment is set up optimally and efficiently. You also receive a step-by-step description of the possible optimizations.

Key benefits

  • Gain insight into the efficiency and optimization of your cloud environment (AWS, Azure and GCP)

  • Maximize potential cloud spend savings

  • Make business decisions based on facts, not assumptions

  • Gain insight and recommendations into your security risks

  • Have continuous control over your cloud environment


  • Periodic overview of savings and action points

    You receive regular documents outlining your savings potential based on your current cloud environment’s resources, as well as action points to achieve these savings.

  • Continually optimized cloud environment

    Maximize your cloud spend savings with a continually optimized environment.