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CloudKey – Cloud Scoping

Benchmarking the current state

We take a benchmark of your current infrastructure to gain an insight into your cloud environment.


  • Data collection

    We send you a step-by-step plan explaining how to collect the necessary data for us to connect to your cloud environment.

  • CloudKey scanning

    Your cloud environment is scanned and analyzed by CloudKey. This part of the process takes two weeks.

  • Recovery workshop

    We present the results to you in the recovery workshop, so you can see whether your cloud environment is set up optimally and efficiently.

  • Progression

    If optimizations and efficiencies are possible, we can proceed to the cloud deep dive service.

Key benefits

  • Gain insight into the efficiency and optimization of your cloud environment (AWS, Azure and GCP)

  • Discover potential cloud spend savings

  • Make business decisions based on facts, not assumptions

  • Gain insight into your security risks


  • Cost savings

    You get a clear overview of the savings potential based on your current cloud environment’s resources.