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Microsoft Pre-owned Licenses

Buying and reselling software licenses

The purchase and resale of software licenses are subject to extensive rules and regulations. As an independent advisor and facilitator, we can explain what official documents you require and help you to select a reliable distributor.


  • Pre-select suppliers

    Our robust pre-selection process has identified a number of reliable vendors who we are confident to recommend when buying or reselling Microsoft pre-owned licenses.

  • Request quotations

    We request quotations from our pre-selected suppliers to obtain the best price for Microsoft pre-owned licenses at low risk.

Key benefits

  • Connect with the most reliable distributors

    Our thorough and independent supplier selection process means you are only choosing from distributors who meet our stringent criteria, such as having official documentation.

  • Understand the value of your unused licenses

    We can value your existing licenses and help you to sell them at the highest price, while helping you to purchase pre-owned licences as cheaply as possible.


  • Maximize your revenue

    Make savings on Microsoft’s standard rates when you sell unused licenses or purchase pre-owned licenses.

  • Eliminate your risk

    Be confident that you face zero risk if your Microsoft pre-owned licenses are reviewed or audited.