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Microsoft Cloud Optimization

Within any Microsoft Volume licensing agreement it is worth assessing on an annual basis whether the products and services you are paying for are still suitable or if they can be replaced with a more cost-efficient solution. We believe that the highest Microsoft cost savings can be made in the years before or after the renewal sequence.

We can determine whether your organization is overpaying and have saved clients substantial amounts of money.

Optimization check stages

  • Inventory of current Microsoft contracts

    By studying your current Microsoft contracts and related documentation (such as amendments, customer price sheets and email material) we can establish why your company is using this particular licensing method.

  • Deployment overview activated Cloud Services for Office365 & Azure

    We look at which cloud services are activated and which will be required in the future.

  • Saving analysis (what is contracted vs. deployed)

    We can now estimate the saving potential in your volume licensing contracts. From our experience, annual savings of 20% are realistic.

  • Future requirement

    By looking more deeply into your future Microsoft deployment plans, we can take a consolidation or competitive approach to reduce your subscription costs.

Key benefits

  • Cost savings

    Have reassurance that you have the right contract in place for your organization and you are not overpaying Microsoft.

  • Control of your Cloud policy

    Avoid transitioning to the cloud without a proper cost analysis for the future. We can help with all financial aspects and advise on multi-cloud policies.


  • Gain insights

    Get a better view of what you are using, as opposed to what you are buying.

  • Optimize spend

    Make necessary adjustments to your contract to reduce the cost of your cloud subscriptions.