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Microsoft Contract Negotiation Support

The licensing structure of Microsoft contracts is complex. The enterprise agreement in particular is outdated and lacks flexibility. As it remains the hero motion of Microsoft, we can help you create an optimal contract that suits your company better, whether you are a new customer or are renewing your contract.

We work with all aspects of Microsoft and its volume licensing programs. Our phased process takes between 3 and 12 months to fully finalize the Microsoft contract.

The phases are listed below.

Contract renewal stages

  • Inventory Current Environment

    We look at your current usage for either your whole company or a subset. You might be over licensed for services you have bought but do not need.

    The key deliverable is your effective license position.

  • Identification of new business Requirements

    Renewing your enterprise agreement is an opportune time to review your current usage and how this might evolve. In this phase we examine what your IT and Business stakeholders are working on that might affect your software requirements.

    The key deliverable in this phase is a clear outline of your future IT requirements.

  • Bill of Materials / Benchmarking & Pricing

    We present different scenarios based on your current and future needs, with guidelines for how to decide the best option.

    The key deliverable is the bill of material, which we can benchmark to current market standards.

  • Negotiations Strategy

    As an optional service, we can help you develop a negotiation and procurement strategy. As former successful Microsoft negotiators, we can explain the tactics they use and ways you can make your position more favorable.

    We offer this as either a back-end service, where we advise you on how to proceed, or we can take an active approach and take a seat at the table in your name.

Key benefits

  • Smart agreements

    We strive for our customers to achieve future-proofed agreements that go beyond pricing discounts, ensuring optimal value and minimal risk of additional spend. Our focus areas include software licensing flexibility, expected future demand and optimal agreement duration.

  • Market insights

    Level the playing field by using our first-hand knowledge of contract negotiation results between Microsoft and their enterprise customers. We help you to understand the agreement options Microsoft typically proposes as well as agreement clauses that they do not proactively offer.


  • Optimized outcome

    Achieve the best outcome from your commercial negotiations based on our industry knowledge and experience.

  • Buy what you need

    Our methodology focuses on ensuring that you do not procure licenses that you do not need.