IBM Internal compliance review

Microsoft Audit Support

Preparing you for a Microsoft audit

An external audit is an invasive process, conducted by an accountancy firm (such as Deloitte or KPMG) who run various tools in your office to generate a report for Microsoft. If any of your software was not installed correctly, or you have insufficient licenses, you could face an expensive settlement to address this non-compliance.  If you find yourself facing an external audit we can help you through it by providing comprehensive Microsoft audit support.

Our license optimization process helps you to prepare for an audit.


  • Inventory analysis

    We analyze your data inventory and your Microsoft licenses and contracts, and summarize all checks and balances.

  • Commercial analysis

    We reconcile and compare the data collected in the initial inventory.

  • Recovery Workshop

    We present our outcomes and conclusions, with particular focus on your Effective License Position and give you our recommendations for the best practice follow-up steps.

  • Audit defense meeting (if appropriate)

    We help you and your staff to prepare for the on-site visit.

  • Quick scan

    We assess the effect of any remedial actions and postpone the audit if necessary, quickly assessing the current situation with regard to your installed base, minimizing the damage and ensuring that, in the event of non-compliance, the rectification fits within your medium-term (3-6 year) IT policy.

Key benefits

  • The ability to postpone the audit

    During our Microsoft audit support process, we do whatever we can to take the pressure off your organization, so you have the time and peace of mind to make well-considered decisions.

  • Damage control

    With our innovative tooling and expertise we can quickly assess and subsequently minimize the damage of any hidden non-compliancy.


  • Limit risks and financial consequences

    Our independent advice ensures that you do not pay too much for your actual usage, and any non-compliance is reduced as much as possible.

  • Guard against your future

    If your organization does need to pay a settlement, we strive to tailor this investment to your future ICT environment, by ensuring it fits within your medium-term IT policy.