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Microsoft Contract Negotiations

Negotiating the best possible terms

When you want to extend your current agreement, or enter into a new agreement, we can help you negotiate with Microsoft. Being wholly independent of any software manufacturer means we can negotiate the best possible terms and price conditions.


  • Collect requirements

    Before we start the Microsoft contract negotiations, we hold a Roadmap Workshop to discuss the assessment of software license investments, the upgrade cycle, and technologies to be implemented and phased out over the next 3 to 6 years.

  • Negotiate

    We start by discussing the financial impacts of the activities outlined in the first stage, and then the Microsoft contract negotiations can begin. We are there to help you, suggesting tools to negotiate with, filtering requests from Microsoft and checking if amendments are possible.

  • Advise

    We offer advice on your contract, as well as possible alternatives and walkaway scenarios, including substantiation and possible risks.

  • Support

    We use our experience and expertise to conduct successful negotiations on your behalf. This may take place over several rounds of negotiating, until we arrive at the right terms and conditions for you.

Key benefits

  • Receive advice on all possible scenarios

    The inventory of current and future license requirements allows us to develop the best license scenarios. We consider different saving possibilities such as price comparisons, multi-annual calculations, obtaining the best possible contract conditions, purchasing pre-owned licences and reselling obsolete licences.

  • Future-proof your agreement

    Ensure that your current needs, as well as your needs in the short, medium and long terms, are considered when concluding the best possible agreement for your organization.


  • Control over your negotiation

    Our support and experience give you the necessary control and ammunition to achieve an optimal agreement.

  • A customer-oriented solution

    With our clear and independent advice, you have complete transparency through the negotiation process, with insights into how some parties would earn money directly or indirectly from the choices you make. Our support means you get the best deal for your organization.