IBM Internal compliance review

Microsoft License Optimization

Restructure and optimize your Microsoft landscape

Most client environments experience license shortages and surpluses. Our Microsoft license optimization service reduces the risk you face of non-compliance by giving you a comprehensive insight into your software environment and the correct use of your Microsoft licenses.

Our three-stage process ensures you have installed the right products, in the right volumes, in line with your business requirements.


  • Inventory analysis

    We analyze your data inventory and your Microsoft licenses and contracts, and summarize all checks and balances.

  • Commercial analysis

    We reconcile and compare the data collected in the initial inventory.

  • Recovery workshop

    We present our outcomes and conclusions, with particular focus on your Effective License Position and give you our recommendations for the best practice follow-up steps.

Key benefits

  • Valuable insight into your IT environment

    Our Microsoft license optimization process will provide clear insight into your current license position, which we will use to formulate precise recommendations of how to remediate non-compliance and optimize your environment.

  • Optimization advice

    Whether you are paying for licenses you do not use, or are using more than you pay for, we can advise you how to optimize your environment.

  • Mapping out and mitigating potential risks

    Working with you, we implement rectifying measures wherever possible, such as eliminating redundant installations and implementing possible consolidations.


  • Reduce risks

    By restructuring your ICT environment more efficiently, you reduce the risk of non-compliance and licensing fines.

  • Achieve cost savings

    By correctly and independently interpreting licensing regulations, you can ensure you are not paying for licenses that your organization no longer needs