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Microsoft Roadmap Workshop

Asking the right questions

Our Microsoft roadmap workshop focuses on the due diligence requirements and decision criteria for sourcing software technologies and procuring licenses in the short and medium term.

The aim is to map current and future business requirements and collect extensive input, so we can develop multiple scenarios for license procurement.

Each workshop includes the following discussion stages:


  • Assessment of software license investments

    We talk about the current state of your existing or previous contract, including your current usage.

  • Upgrade cycle of software installations

    We look at the impact of your software upgrade cycle.

  • Technologies to be implemented over next 3 to 6 years

    We discuss a future roadmap that will benefit your organization over the short to medium term.

  • Short and long-term strategies

    We present various license scenarios, along with their impact and risks, and importantly discuss your preferences, so we understand how best to negotiate.

Key benefits

  • Gain insights into possible alternatives and walkaway scenarios

    The workshop can open up a new world that you may not have considered, based on your current and future plans, and your preferences.

  • Understand the future impact

    We carefully outline the future ramifications of each possible scenario, so you can make the best decision for the long term.


  • Financial benefit

    Your organization has more ammunition to negotiate with powerful software vendors.

  • Achieve the best price and terms

    Whichever option you decide, our Microsoft roadmap workshop can help ensure you are receiving the best price and conditions.