SAP Insight: SAP extend the Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP) indefinitely


sap daap indefinite extension

After several previous extensions of the DAAP, SAP’s latest indefinite extension means there is currently no end date for the program.

SAP Digital Access is an alternative way to license Indirect Use (non-licensed access) of the SAP ERP system. The Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP) was created by SAP in 2018 to financially incentivize customers to move to the new licensing model, offering at least 90% discount on first purchase of SAP Digital Access and the option to trade in unused licenses for credit.

Initially introduced as a time-limited deal, SAP have since repeatedly extended the program and, with the 31st December 2022 cut-off fast approaching, SAP have once again said they will be extending the program – this time indefinitely.

This means there is currently no end date for the program and its competitive discounts, which is great news for SAP customers.


sap daap timeline


If you’re an SAP customer with questions about Indirect Use, SAP Digital Access or the DAAP please feel free to get in touch. Our independent SAP software licensing experts will be happy to help you and, if necessary, can support in identifying the right Indirect Use licensing model for your organization. You can also follow these links for more information about our SAP Digital Access services and Indirect Access, SAP Digital Access and the DAAP.

Please note that SAP may stop the Digital Access Adoption Program at any time and there is no guarantee that it will remain forever.

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