micro focus licensing services

Oracle Infrastructure Designs

  • VMware- and HyperV Architectures

    ITAA guides clients to implement or improve he virtual deployment on VMware and HyperV, leading to significant cost benefits. During workshops, clients learn how to interpret their own contracts with regard to this phenomenon, and how to engage with Oracle during virtualization discussions.

  • Disaster Recovery, Failover and Standby

    ITAA has in-depth knowledge about licensing scenarios to ensure business continuity at the lowest cost possible, and in accordance with their contractual obligations whilst benefiting from local copyright laws – which overrule many of Oracle’s arguments why a DR should be paid for 100%. By guiding the client to make informed technical and technical decisions, up to 100% of the licensing costs can be prevented.

  • IT Architectures

    Following an initial friendly audit, clients learn how they can improve individual workloads. But in addition, ITAA learns how the infrastructure looks like and how the deployments are spread throughout them. By means of modelling the architectures with license- and support fees in mind, our consultants work with the client teams to improve the architecture. This results in a minimal license footprint while maintaining contractual compliance, business requirements and operational excellence.