IBM Internal compliance review

Oracle Script Analysis

  • Oracle Database Scripts

    ITAA’s auditors have decades of experience in analysing Oracle database audit output, and have made great efforts to automate this very difficult task. Our analysis capabilities are updated on a continuous basis, and includes the distinction of hundreds of false-positives which allow clients to onderstand the origin of some data points that would otherwise lead them to acquire licenses.  within a day, we can analyse the output of 1000 databases at a granular level that is defendable towards Oracle – and your internal IT teams which allow them to improve their estate.

  • Oracle Processor and VMware Scripts

    ITAA analyses the CPU script for all environments, including IBM Power, Exadata, ODA, OVM, Sun and other computing platforms. In addition to the analysis that reflects an outcome from Oracle’s auditors, we include several other views (including VMware’s views) and provide alternative configurations that can be evaluated by architects – based on CAPEX and OPEX costing models.

  • Oracle Applications

    Oracle Applications require several script analysis approaches, depending on products and contactual definitions. ITAA assists in defining the criteria and establishing an ELP (effective license position) for Oracle Applications including Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). It is an extremely specialised expertise that our auditors have improved over more than 20 years.

  • Oracle Verified Third-Party Tool Vendors

    ITAA can analyse the raw data collected by Oracle verified third party tools, including Flexera and Lime Software. In addition, we can explain any discrepancies of our findings in great detail, so you understand where not to rely on the verified tools party.