ITAA Services and Expertise

Oracle Audit Defense

We identify, quantify and explain your compliance risks when Oracle LMS announces an audit

Analysis is done while using the same data you would otherwise send to Oracle. This due diligence process enables you to fully understand potential problems and associated financial risks, allowing you to make informed decisions prior to sending any data to Oracle. By taking this approach, compliance risks reported by Oracle will no longer come as a surprise.

Audit Defense Stages

  • Determine Entitlement

    Gathering all evidence of license entitlement, analysing and delivering your effective entitlement position.

  • Determine Deployment

    Identifying available sources of inventory and deployment information, reconciling the sources, determining what products are deployed on which servers and the hardware specification of those servers.

  • Effective License Position (ELP) and Compliance Report

    Determining the current compliance situation in both over- and under licensing, as per Oracle’s anticipated audit approach.  Whilst establishing the position we will be making a series of adjustments to optimize your license assignments based on Oracle licensing rules. The final workbook represents the effective license position (ELP).

  • Remediation & Optimisation Support

    Even with limited time, organizations can often create significant optimizations. Using our financial models, clients can ensure that the work with highest financial impacts are prioritized and that no new risk is introduced during their optimization activities. It also ensures a final and complete set of evidence can be presented to Oracle’s auditor.

  • Audit Coordination

    We ensure that you know which information is shared with Oracle, and what the information implies. Up to this moment we have probably already provided you with arguments to keep Oracle’s auditor at an arm’s length. We will now help you determine which of the information is shared with Oracle and assist you in providing guidance and motivation as to why you may not act upon every information request made by Oracle.

  • Audit Negotiation (optional)

    This stage is optional, and only relevant if you require to purchase any additional license assets from Oracle. During this stage we will ensure that you only negotiate for licenses that you actually need, in the best contractual definition, at the best price point, and at beneficial contractual provisions.

Key benefits

  • Risk mitigation

    Understanding your potential risk before sharing evidence with Oracle allows you to remediate and optimize your environment.

  • 100% independent

    ITAA does not sell licenses nor does it profit from license sales in any way. We also have no reporting obligations towards Oracle or it’s partners. Our only business is with you.


  • A window of opportunity

    We know LMS’s audit process like the back of our hand. This enables us to stall the process and buy you precious time in order to remediate and optimize as much as you can before any evidence needs to be sent to Oracle.

  • Predictable Outcome

    You will not only know the outcome of the audit before Oracle does, you will be able to influence the outcome in your favor.

  • License Compliance

    Ensuring license compliance while utilizing the licenses you already own. This ensures that the compliance exposure is non-existing, very limited or even allows annual support savings after audit completion.