oracle lms audit negotiations

Oracle LMS Audit Negotiations

We explain the rules of the upcoming chess game and what each counterpart’s stake is

We’ll agree on a strategy and play the game: Together. Unlike other ‘Procurement Consultancy Firms’ we can actually join you at the negotiation table. Our overall objective is to ensure that the final Bill of Material and settlement agreement are agreeable for your organization, technically / contractually viable and acquired at the lowest price possible.

Audit Negotiation Stages

  • 48-hour Assessment

    After assessing the data already shared with Oracle during the audit we provide insight as to how viable we believe your internal strategy is and to what level you can expect to reduce the claim yourself. If we are confident a better result could be achieved with our involvement we will indicate the additional value we can bring to your strategy, to realise the best outcome.

  • Agree to SOW

    To ensure we are only incentivized for exceeding your own capabilities, we propose a Statement of Work on a success-based fee structure. As part of the SOW we recognize that any initial claim or price point from Oracle can also be reduced by yourself without enabling this expert service.

  • Agree & Execute negotiation strategy

    You will learn which and why some of Oracle’s conclusions won’t stand the test of law or fair conduct, and how they should be countered effectively. Technical and contractual areas are discussed with your stakeholders, outlining any leverage that can be brought to Oracle. Team members are informed about how Oracle will anticipate during the engagement. We will prepare the team accordingly.

Key benefits

  • Speed

    Within 48 hours you will know how viable your internal strategy is, and to which level you can reduce the claim yourself. More importantly, a clear and motivated understanding as to if and to which level we can add more value to your strategy, in order to improve your results.

  • Experience

    Not only are we the most seasoned experts, we also have intimate knowledge about the negotiation counterpart. This makes us the most suitable partner to advice you on how to engage in negotiations about license agreements.


  • Reduce your compliance claim

    We will drive down the claim by effectively countering Oracle’s conclusions which won’t stand the test of law or fair conduct.

  • Only buy licenses that you really need

    Should you need to buy more licenses, we make sure you only buy licenses you really need. Not what you are told that you need.