IBM Internal compliance review

Oracle Internal License Audit

Infrastructures and deployments change far more frequently than contracts do

Periodic preventive checkups of the software deployment is a necessity if you want to make sure nobody installed more than allowed, or checked an extra box during installation and created a compliance risk. An unbiased view will also eliminate the biggest risk: people making false assumptions about the contracts and their controls.

Audit Stages

  • Determine Entitlement

    Gathering all evidence of license entitlement, analysing and delivering your effective entitlement position.

  • Determine Deployment

    Identifying available sources of inventory and deployment information, reconciling the sources, determining what products are deployed on which servers and the hardware specification of those servers..

  • Effective License Position (ELP) and Compliance Report

    We will make series of adjustments to optimise, based on Oracle licensing rules. The final workbook represents the Effective License Position (ELP).

  • Remediation & Optimisation Support

    Even with limited time, compliance gaps can be significantly reduced. This stage ensures that work with the highest impact is prioritised. In addition we ensure that no new risks are introduced during remediation activities.

Key benefits

  • Risk mitigation

    Understanding your potential risk allowing you to remediate and optimize your environment without the (time)pressure of an actual audit.

  • 100% independent

    ITAA does not sell licenses and does not profit from license sales in any way. Your goal is our goal.


  • Establish your financial risk

    Besides unclarity of contracts, technical staff are not aware of risks caused by deploying software in every possible way. We will provide you with an unbiased report on any technical and financial risk.

  • Understand your effective license position (ELP)

    We will both explain your ELP and your options to remediate and optimize your technical estate.

  • Reduce compliance risks

    We guide your team throughout any remediation you aim to implement and make sure no new risks are introduced in the process.