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Oracle ULA Certification

Many organizations end up being forced into a ULA renewal without having any leverage to determine a fair deal

We ensure your ULA is managed efficiently towards its certification and that any commercial pressure is on Oracle – not you.

Certification Stages

  • Effective ULA Deployment

    This stage focuses on identifying available sources of inventory and deployment information, reconciling the sources, determining what products are deployed on which servers and the hardware specification of those servers.

  • Opportunities and Threats

    Certifying- and renewing a ULA Deployment impact the cost model around Oracle. Therefore we provide guidance in determining the Oracle future product roadmap for your IT organization regarding all Oracle products. This roadmap will have a huge impact on building a strategy towards the ULA end date. Based on all gathered findings, major opportunities and threats can be identified, which are necessary to determine the best strategy towards the end of the Unlimited Deployment Period.

  • Strategy

    ITAA will provide a company-supported strategy, defining why and how you will certify or renew the ULA. This strategy will include a list of optimization requirements / preparation requirements needed to implement the strategy. We will identify roles and responsibilities within your organization that are required to implement the chosen strategy.

  • Optimize

    During the Optimization stage all necessary actions will be executed to prepare implementations that support the chosen strategy. Depending on the difficulty of the optimizations, time can be an important factor. The earliest this stage will be reached, the more value it will provide.

  • Certify or (optional) Renewal Negotiation

    Depending on the chosen strategy, you will enter the contractual Certification Process phase or engage with Oracle a new commercial cycle to renew the ULA contract.

    When entering the contractual Certification Process phase, you will Certify the ULA in accordance with the contractually defined ‘Certification Process’. Commencing certification, the “unlimited” deployment will be permanently limited to the actual number of licenses utilized at the end of the Unlimited Deployment Period. In most ULA agreements, you have to report these figures at last on the contractual Certification Date which is in most cases 30 days after the Unlimited Deployment Period has ended.

Key benefits

  • Experience

    Many organizations don’t understand how the ULA really works, and what the certification is. That’s not strange, because more often than not in 3 years time (the typical contract term for a ULA) people, positions and responsibilities have changed. Our years of experience will help you make informed decisions.

  • 100% independent

    ITAA does not sell licenses nor does it profit from license sales in any way. We also have no reporting obligations towards Oracle or it’s partners. Our only business is with you.


  • The best decision

    Oracle’s sales team is rewarded on first year support, which is why it’s logical for them to advice you to renew the ULA. Our independency allows us to give you a 100% unbiassed advice based on your current and future needs.

  • Increase the ROI of the ULA

    The support fee is already set, the license count will be set when you certify. In order to get the best ROI we will help you realize the highest license count as possible.