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ITAM Process Maps

World-class IT Asset Management (ITAM) process maps and walkthroughs

Integrated ITAM processes can achieve more than simply fulfilling your organization’s ITAM requirements; optimized processes can also serve the wider needs of the business through informed decision making and increased control.  By executing the processes set out in these two publications – one focused on software asset management and the other on hardware asset management – you can establish world-class ITAM within your organization.


  • 44 pre-modelled processes

    Each ITAM process map has been produced in ARIS, with 32 SAM process maps and 12 HAM process maps.

  • Adaptable

    The ITAM process maps are hosted in MS Visio files, so can be tailored to suit your organization’s unique ways of working.

  • Supporting continuous improvement

    All of the processes have been designed with ISO 19770-1: 2017 in mind, so that you can take the suggested KPIs, feed the data into an ITAM policy and, in line with a Deming Cycle/ PDCA approach to continuous improvement, help your company ascend the ITAM maturity curve.

Key benefits

  • Best practice

    Drawing on the extensive industry experience of the authors these comprehensive process maps and accompanying walkthroughs ensure you will be starting your ITAM optimization journey from a position of best practice.

  • Accessibility

    Using ARIS means that non-IT personnel rapidly understand the workflows placed before them, whilst the walkthroughs explain the operation of each process and build an appreciation as to why the individual steps are important; the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of IT asset management processes becomes logical and obvious for all to see.

  • Save time

    There is a significant time saving compared with having to create these processes from scratch. Hit the ground running with best-practice ITAM processes that can be scaled to the resources and systems at your disposal.

  • Flexibility

    Each process kit can be edited, so if you need extra steps or personnel including in the process maps you are just an installation of MS Visio away from making those changes.


  • Fully inter-linking processes

    You will be creating an ITAM system! All of the processes inter-link, so you will be able to see the dependencies of the data flow from one process to the next.

  • Stakeholder management

    By following the approach in these process kits you can quickly identify the stakeholders who need to be engaged in your ITAM processes and to what degree they should be engaged.