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SAM Process Maturity Review

ITAA’s Software Asset Management (SAM) process maturity review is based on a structured and thorough 100-question assessment through which numerous aspects of SAM can be analyzed.

The assessment takes a best-in-class SAM process experience and combines it with industry leading report generation techniques to provide you with a defined and precise report on your strategic and operational SAM objectives, highlighting where your company needs to focus if it wishes to climb the SAM maturity ladder.


  • 100+ questions

    The SAM process maturity review consists of a core 100-question assessment which probes the extent to which knowledge management and continuous improvement underpin your organization’s handling of software assets. Optional add-on questions are available.

  • Secure and flexible response storage

    Your progress through the SAM process maturity review is saved as you go along, so it can be completed as and when you have time. All responses are stored securely through 256 bit encryption.

  • Qualification of questions

    Each question has supporting text which explains its importance in relation to SAM so non-IT or less-experienced SAM personnel can complete the survey.

  • Focused responses

    Radio Button responses to key process questions help you focus on the most appropriate answer and provide the most accurate reflection of your organization’s compliance with best practice and industry standards.

Key benefits

  • Get insight fast

    Near real-time generation of your report ensures there is no prolonged waiting to find out how well your organization handles its software assets.

  • Establish a baseline to track progress

    Climbing the SAM maturity ladder is not a one-time exercise. The assessment can be repeated after a period of time so that you can measure and track your progress against your initial, baseline result.

  • An independent view

    The ITAA SAM process maturity review is totally independent, therefore it is not sponsored or skewed by a SAM tool vendor or a software vendor.


  • A detailed report

    A 30-page report providing an assessment of your level of compliance with best practice and industry standards in relation to SAM process maturity.

We also offer a light (20-question) process maturity report – a free taster of the 100-question experience.