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SAM Surgery

Know where you are – know where you are going – know how to get there

Our two-day Software Asset Management (SAM) Surgery leads you on a supported and objective journey which will help qualify your SAM goals, analyze your SAM strengths and weaknesses and align your business and IT strategy with Software Asset Management.


  • SAM Process Maturity Review

    We start day one of the SAM Surgery by analyzing your existing processes with microscopic precision via our SAM Process Maturity Review. We then examine the findings of the review and identify which of those processes are going to give you greatest value to tackle first.

  • Best-in-class process mapping

    We customize the SAM Surgery to your requirements by taking you through fifteen SAM processes of your choosing, demonstrating what best-in-class process mapping looks like. Modeled using the latest BPMN framework we explain the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of SAM processes.

  • Consolidation

    Taking the findings from day one, we align the short-terms goals highlighted in the analysis to any remaining processes not covered by the 15 chosen. We then develop a longer-term roadmap that will help you achieve effective and efficient software asset management.

Key benefits

  • Direction

    Know where you stand and the path you need to walk to a safer and more cost-effective IT environment.

  • Techniques

    Gain new discipline and best-in-class collateral from ITAA to help you achieve your SAM goals.


  • SAM process maturity baseline

    A baseline from which you can improve your SAM process maturity score and track your progress over a period of time.

  • Alignment with business strategy

    A workable roadmap for you to design and implement a SAM service that meets SAM, IT and business needs.