IBM Internal compliance review

SAP Landscape Architecture

Organizations are constantly changing which poses both major challenges and opportunities for SAP licensing

ITAA’s software architecture support looks at the present and future states of a business to identify scalability, performance and coherence.

Our four key focus areas help clients achieve significant commercial benefits:

Four key focus areas

  • SAP technology review

    • Review proposed SAP technology and validate each component for scalability, performance and coherence.
    • Provide a holistic solution to project implementation by supporting other areas of supplier expenditure such as SI and hardware selection and contracting.

  • Software architecture review

    • Determine your architectural need (on premise, cloud and hybrid) by analysing the business case to integrate SAP within the organization worldwide.
    • Ensure the SAP landscape is adequately flexible to accommodate future transformation, such as new systems and extensions.
    • Identify design decision problems and find solutions.

  • Performance and system monitoring

    • Identify what the system will do when it’s operational.
    • Establish how well the system will perform runtime non-functional requirements such as reliability, operability, performance efficiency and security.

  • Data management review

    • Determine requirements for data retention.
    • Shape data using flexible manipulation techniques.


  • We can review the entire software landscape or smaller elements of your IT architecture to support the following business processes:

    • Technology optimization
    • IT roadmap
    • Cost optimization
    • License management
    • Mergers and acquisitions

    An architecture review will give you confidence in your IT landscape and technology. This will help drive your business more efficiently and equip you well for the future.