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SAP Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Mergers

    When two organizations merge, various contracts and licensing challenges can arise. The new organization will operate as one with a single business systems solution.

    We can help you evaluate your existing SAP assets and work out which are required in the new state. This is more likely to deliver the best value and effective solution than working directly with SAP.

    If the combined assets of two merging SAP organizations exceeds the new entitlement you need, you can trade the surplus against future strategic license purchases or catalogue as a pool of new, usable and manageable surplus.

  • Acquisitions

    Acquired businesses may continue to operate on their own SAP system, may be migrated onto an existing company system, or their system might be rolled out to the company that acquired it.

    In all scenarios either the landscape changes or the extent of the user changes. The as-is and to-be licensing requirements are typically different. We can accurately reconcile current license entitlements to the to-be state and identify any gaps.

  • Divestitures

    If the business has its own SAP system, its license assets will go with it. However, if that business’s usage was covered by an umbrella enterprise licensing agreement, the license assets will need to be separated.

    With divestitures we help clients identify the needs of the remaining and divested entity: which products can be split and the associated surplus and deficits on both sides.

    SAP may not be so eager to acquiesce to the needs of either the remaining or divested entity. We help develop a strategy that addresses the needs of all parties and is likely to be agreed by SAP.

  • Roll-outs

    There is often a time lag between purchasing SAP solutions and seeing them roll out. Not only does this mean unnecessary capex upfront, but also increased opex in the form of annual maintenance for unused products.

    We help you consider these timings in your purchase plan and explain the benefits of deferring purchases against the incentives, such as an increased discount, of an upfront purchase. We also provide cost models for all these scenarios.