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SAP Contract Negotiation

You receive our expert guidance on how to get the best out of an SAP contract negotiation, based on ITAA’s extensive knowledge and benchmarking data.

SAP contract negotiaton stages

  • Understand desired commercial outcome

    Knowing what you want to get out of your SAP contract negotiation means we can advise you accurately.

  • Develop process

    Once we know the end goal for your SAP contract negotiation, we can develop a plan for how to get there. Understanding what information your negotiations are based on helps us gather and analyse the right data, and advise you accordingly.

  • Perform licensing review

    Before negotiating, it is key to understand your subject and prepare for any alternative scenarios. We review all product licenses that might deliver you a better commercial output.

  • Benchmark data

    We compare this against our in-house knowledge and similar customers and scenarios – including pricing information.

  • Develop negotiation strategy

    When negotiating it is important to first define your BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement) and ZOPA (zone of possible agreement) to clarify the best and least acceptable outcomes to your organisation. The negotiation may include terminating existing SAP agreements, migrating to alternative licensing models or purchasing SAP software and services that reflect your target outcome. We include cost models for each option.

Key benefits

  • Robust strategies

    • You will have a robust strategy going into negotiations with SAP, having scoped out alternative scenarios and options.
    • You will be clear on what price point to aim for to ensure you are not overpaying.


  • Achieve the best outcome from your commercial negotiations based on our industry knowledge and experience.

Other ITAA contract negotiation services

  • ITAA offer comprehensive contract negotiation services to help you get the best outcome from negotiations with all your IT suppliers, whether new agreements with new suppliers, new agreements with existing suppliers or optimization of existing agreements.

    We develop a robust negotiation plan that will evolve as negotiations progress, empower you to take the lead if required, and deliver on the agreed outcome. Learn more here.