SAP License Audit Defense

SAP Vendor Audit Defense

The complexities of SAP contracts and licensing models often leave companies struggling to determine an effective response to non-compliancy claims. ITAA’s SAP license audit defense service gets to the bottom of what you actually owe – if anything.

Audit defense stages

  • Claim review

    We establish the basis of the claim, typically formed of the data and contractual terms and conditions SAP is relying upon to support the claim.

  • Contracts review

    We review your contracts to establish our independent expert view of your entitlements. We look at the reliability of terms and identify any terms and conditions that can support an effective counter argument as part of your SAP license audit defense.

  • Usage evaluation

    We use our license measurement tools and techniques to determine our view of your actual software usage. We combine this with our review of the contracts to establish the extent of any non-compliant usage, with a view to providing compliant usage.

  • Active remedies

    Where client-side technical or systems management issues are detected as a cause or contributing factor, we advise which active remedies can mitigate these issues.

  • Write defense case

    The defense case depends on the outcome of the review and whether we seek to defend against all, part or none of the claim. The defense case consists of target outcomes, risk assessment, contract review outcomes, usage evaluation outcomes, response strategy and negotiations strategy.

Key benefits

  • Key Benefits

    • Get to the bottom of what you owe – if anything
    • Understand your actual compliance position
    • Understand the risks and quantum of potential risks
    • Use our expertise to present and articulate an effective defense
    • Regain control of the negotiations process and optimize outcomes

  • Independent view

    ITAA is completely vendor independent. We are not an SAP partner or SAP license reseller. We only act on behalf of end-user customers, so you can rely on us to handle any kind of licensing dispute with your software provider.

    • True-up bills for under-licensing resulting from your annual measurement
    • Non-compliancy claims resulting from an on-site license measurement
    • Unlicensed usage discovered by any other means

    Many SAP customers struggle to challenge a license audit, yet you can make significant savings by reviewing audit findings.