sap security services

SAP Security and User Management Services

Our SAP security experts will provide and technically implement a fully controlled SAP security concept which is tailored to your needs.

SAP security and authorizations are both complex and technical. Ensuring that SAP users are correctly managed via role design provides SAP accounts with the appropriate authorization; this is key to business control and central to our SAP security services.

Vulnerabilities in the business role design and user management will negatively affect the organization’s security capabilities and controls. Through our SAP security services we ensure our customers integrate the correct blend of security and business flexibility in securing, managing and maximising the value of their SAP investment.

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  • Evaluate your existing SAP security landscape

    Before assessing the commercial impact and introducing technical changes, we analyse your current SAP security setup, business processes and risk appetite to recommend changes that can be applied to your system.

  • SAP user security management services

    We will identify which users are able to access your SAP software user accounts and determine those users who are active or who have not accessed recently. We then map who should have what access to specific data and business processes using technical authorizations whilst considering risks.

  • SAP user roles management services

    Who can do what in your SAP software is controlled by user accounts and technical authorizations. Our experienced SAP security consultants will architect, blueprint restrictions and implement robust, dynamic and manageable authorization concepts. Our concepts can be tailored to meet the needs of the business and are designed to reduce risk and reflect individual functions of business processes.

  • Assess commercial impact

    SAP software is a significant investment and non-compliance with your software agreement can lead to unbudgeted costs. The correct technical assignment of user licenses is the responsibility of the customer. Using access controls (authorizations) and statistical data, we support customers to optimally assign the correct license to each user.

  • Optimize technical landscape

    Organizations are constantly changing; S/4HANA migrations, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. All of these pose challenges as well as opportunities to address your user estate. Our SAP security experts will analyse both the present and planned future states of a business and identify scalability, performance and coherence resulting in significant commercial and technical benefits.

  • Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

    Separating and controlling the authorizations a user gets, to be compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and other laws and regulations, can be challenging, expensive and resource intensive. As part of our SAP security services we design and build technical rules to monitor different types of risks in your SAP software using automated tools such as the SAP Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) product.

Key benefits

  • SAP security services to protect people, processes and technology

    A solid SAP authorizations framework accompanied by clear policies and robust procedures will reduce the element of risk within an organization. Additional benefits of our SAP security services:

    • Secure your business landscape
    • Controlled and compliant environment to conduct business
    • Drive innovation for further growth and facilitate adoption
    • Benefit from SAP security experts and best practices
    • Identification, authentication and authorization services
    • Guidance on data protection and privacy
    • Managed security for operational excellence


  • All your SAP security concerns addressed from an end-to-end perspective

    ITAA has designed and implemented numerous authorization concepts for a multitude of organizations in a wide range of industries. Our SAP security services leverage proven methodologies and utilize the vast experience of our SAP security consultants.

    • Outcome-based security services for SAP applications
    • Application security patches updates
    • Minimize risk and improve security posture
    • Compliant, governed and risk-mitigated business processes
    • Leveraging latest innovations and practices
    • Protected systems and applications