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SAP Software Use Entitlements

Getting to grips with a long history of order forms and amendments can be complex

Our experts understand how SAP contracts work and can identify your actual owned license entitlement. If you’re planning on making changes to your SAP estate, it’s essential to know your rights.

Software use entitlements stages

  • Contract review

    We collect all SAP contracts, establish a hierarchy to ensure any cancelled or terminated licenses are not included and include costs for your license entitlement. We also perform a gap analysis to make sure there are no missing documents.

  • Invoice review

    We compare your latest invoices and contracts to understand any gaps in your contract history or if you are being overcharged.

  • Contractual Clauses Review

    By conducting a deep-dive analysis of the clauses in your contract, we can understand any unique licensing terms and clauses that may cause a risk to your company. We also highlight opportunities where an SAP contract can support commercial or audit activities.

  • Bill of Materials

    You receive a bill of materials (BoM) summarizing your owned license entitlement and how much these cost.  This will help when making future purchases or when realizing cost savings from maintenance or license terminations.

Key benefits

  • • Understand what you own and how much it costs
    • Ensure you are not overpaying in maintenance fees
    • Know your rights with use and termination
    • Receive expert advice on your commercial plans for your software


  • Optimization

    Once we have established what licenses you own and the hierarchy of your contract, we provide a bill of materials and a commercial assessment to help you get the most out of your current contracts ahead of any planned changes.