IBM Internal compliance review

SAP Vendor Audit Support

Guiding you through the audit to the best outcome

Unearth your actual usage of all SAP environments from both a named-user and package measurement perspective. Our SAP licensing services allow you to optimize your total cost of ownership, improve efficiency and minimize risk.

Audit support stages

  • Scope review

    We review your request from SAP and concentrate only on the areas you need to declare. We then summarize and advise on any actions required and explain the commercial discussions that may arise from your audit submission.

  • Contract review

    We review your in-scope contracts and summarize your license entitlements in a bill of materials (BoM). We also identify any unique terms to ensure that non-standard use is backed up.

  • Named-user measurement

    SAP relies on its License Administration Workbench (LAW) outputs to assess your usage of named-user licensing. We conduct a deep-dive analysis using our internal tool, compare it to SAP’s output, advise how you could more effectively license your named users and pre-empt any defense to shortfalls.

  • Package and self-declaration measurement

    We review all package measurements in the LAW reports for false positives and inaccurate measurements. We then investigate true counts with you to ensure that you’re not charged for licenses you’re not using. We also help with your self-declaration measurement to ensure this is accurate, and not overstated.

  • Additional services

    If BusinessObjects is included within scope, ITAA can help you run the LMBI tool and interpret the results. Where indirect access is included, we perform a deep analysis of the interfaces connecting to SAP and the licensing implications. By comparing this to the ELP, we can ensure any additional licenses or reported usage are taken into account.

  • Active remedies

    Where client-side technical or systems management issues are detected as a cause or contributing factor, we advise which active remedies can mitigate these issues.

Key benefits

  • By reviewing this data before submitting to SAP:

    • You receive a real-time compliance position with advice and guidance before negotiations start. We also advise you on common audit techniques to better control the audit and license measurement.
    • You will be able to understand and respond quickly to any claims. This allows you the benefit of preventing any unnecessary spend and demonstrating to SAP that your company is able to defend itself..


  • Clarification

    Our SAP license evaluation compares your actual usage of SAP software with your license position, giving you an accurate view of licensing requirements and compliance concerns. This makes it clear what you can expect when you declare your usage to SAP.

  • Accuracy

    The ITAA SAP license evaluation also reveals a more accurate and realistic view of licensing than the standard SAP measurement tools, such as USMM and SLAW. These tools count how many SAP licenses have been allocated by the systems administrator, but this has no direct link to contract definitions, user authorizations or actual use.