IBM Internal compliance review

Audit Defense

Stay one step ahead in the audit game

Software license compliance audits are an important way for software publishers to generate revenue, as customers operating in good faith are caught out by intricate rules and complex licensing models.

Audits can take many shapes and forms, from informal SAM reviews and self-assessment requests to formal audit requests with third-party audit firms. Many audits lead to financial exposure vastly exceeding existing software spend.

We have a thorough understanding of the software audit process and specialize in audit defense for all the major software publishers.

Your partner from start to finish

ITAA operates independently from software publishers so can offer impartial advice and guidance about the software audit process. Our sole driving force is achieving a successful result for your organization. With our publisher-specific expertise we help you take control of the audit process and drive it towards the optimal outcome.

Audit Defense Stages

  • Risk assessment

    Within a short time period we can quickly assess your current situation and highlight data gaps and risk areas.

  • Audit preparation

    In preparation for an upcoming software publisher audit we perform a devil’s advocate internal audit to address any risks in advance.

  • External audit guidance

    The external audit scope and procedures are often negotiable and can be shaped early during the audit process. We help you to take control of the audit process by preparing key audit deliverables and communications.

  • Second-opinion audit report

    We offer significant value to clients even if we are not engaged until the reporting stage of the external audit. We routinely eliminate over 90% of the technical findings in the external audit report. Our audit settlement recommendations and tactics will further reduce any residual financial exposure.



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