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Cloud Optimization

Optimize your cloud investments through benchmarking and technical analysis

As organisations take up more cloud offerings and Software as a Service (SaaS) products, managing software investments becomes increasingly complex. This is particularly the case as software publishers offer models that are easy to ramp up but difficult to control. Unless you implement strict controls to identify waste and get optimal use out of your cloud software, organisational spend will continue to increase.

We help you to analyse how you consume your cloud subscriptions and eliminate unnecessary spend.

A commitment towards cloud success

Although an increasing number of companies are adopting cloud and SaaS products, most organisations have not yet developed a process to manage cloud spend. Reviewing your options and reducing waste is a simple way to save money. With ITAA’s expertise and benchmark data, you can achieve short-term savings and long-term value.

Cloud Optimization Stages

  • Benchmark current cloud agreements

    Using insights into the cloud agreements that similar organisations use, we can present lesser-known contract options that can increase value, lower cost, or both.

  • Identify areas of waste

    Cloud and SaaS vendors often persuade customers to invest significantly in software at a discounted price. This frequently includes much more than your organisation needs. We can help you save money by identifying idle cloud machines, unused user subscriptions and unnecessary unlimited license models.

  • Optimize subscription models

    With more subscription models available, comparing cloud and SaaS products becomes incredibly complex. We identify the options that best match your business requirements.

  • Revert to on-premise

    You might find that cloud offerings do not match your technical or business requirements and consider migrating back to on-premise data centres. We explain your options and guide you through the process.



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