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Custom Tools

Productivity through automation

Automation is a key part of managing any software license. Many license management tools on the market are one-size-fits-all and are not designed with your end result in mind. Each software publisher has its own requirements for collecting and analyzing data.

Our philosophy at ITAA is that license management tools must capture and replicate the best practices of manual assessments. Our tools were developed organically to support our consulting projects and we offer them to clients who wish to maximize the productivity of their license compliance professionals.

From tools to results

The internal tools we have developed allow us to deliver our services quickly and accurately. As your internal license management team develops, our tools can be a valuable extension to enhance team productivity. Through our technical support program we apply updates frequently to reflect publisher licensing changes and to incorporate the latest compliance insights.

Tools Benefits

  • Results-oriented

    We continually review and update our tools to meet publisher-specific data requirements. The automated reports are designed to address known pitfalls and value opportunities.

  • Fast delivery

    Many license compliance activities are repetitive and drain resources, particularly in large and complex environments. Our tools reduce license compliance legwork and free up time for value-added analysis.

  • No dependency on other tools

    Many companies are already using one or more software asset management tools. ITAA tools are not designed to replace or extend these tools, but rather to provide publisher-specific insights that you cannot obtain from other tools.

  • Consistent approach

    Manual analysis in large-scale environments is prone to human error which can expose you to compliance issues. Using ITAA automation ensures a consistently accurate approach.



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