License compliance analysis and reporting

Take control of your software assets

Implementing a software asset management (SAM) program can help you save costs, avoid risk and improve your IT operations. Yet managing software license compliance is one of the least understood activities in the IT industry. Most organizations lack the contractual knowledge, technical expertise and publisher-specific experience to adequately address risk and opportunities.

Our software license compliance analysts are best-in-class and have an extensive track record of delivering value. Our list of satisfied clients includes large multinational firms, mid-sized corporations and government agencies around the globe.

Deliver value, quickly

Our highly skilled license compliance professionals are trained to complete compliance assessments more quickly and efficiently than internal teams, and with far greater accuracy. For each of the major software publishers we use a tailored approach and dedicated specialists with years of experience.

Whether your priority is to save money or mitigate compliance risk, we focus on delivering value in our compliance assessment projects.

License Compliance Stages

  • Entitlements review

    By reviewing your contract and history of license purchases we establish what you are currently entitled to, highlight gaps and unlock hidden value.

  • Deployment analysis

    Our tools and processes are designed to efficiently collect software deployment information corresponding to each license model, even for highly complex multinational organizations.

  •  Compliance assessment

    Based on our license entitlements and software deployment analysis we create a detailed compliance report including recommendations on risk remediation.

  • Cost savings analysis

    License compliance activities need to contribute towards the bottom line, so we always include financial models that identify optimal targets for further action.