VALIDATE YOUR S/4HANA TRANSITION APPROACH Analysis and evaluation of your business needs to determine the path that’s right for you We can help REFINE YOUR S/4HANA TRANSITION PLAN Achieve a fluid transition with minimal impact on your business We can help CREATE AN IN-DEPTH ROADMAP FOR YOUR S/4HANA TRANSITION Guidance through each phase using SAP best practices and project methodology We can help

Solution Delivery Services

SAP solution roadmaps which align with the IT strategies and business needs of your organization

Solution Delivery Vertical Lead

Hans Naedts

Hans is a specialist SAP solution provider and integration manager with extensive experience building future-proof SAP roadmaps for clients and running SAP implementation projects, including S/4HANA transition projects.

ITAA’s Solution Delivery experts specialize in building tailored SAP solution roadmaps which reflect both the business needs and IT strategies of our clients. Whether short, mid or long-term, our roadmaps are designed according to SAP best practices and provide a full overview, allowing you to better understand and mitigate risks before they occur.

Where SAP projects or implementations are already underway we can draw on our extensive experience to conduct an objective review and offer impartial guidance. This includes optimizing run and support phases of existing projects.

We have particular expertise in S/4HANA transition projects. Our specialists recognize the transition to S/4HANA is a significant undertaking with a lot of functional impact on your users and technical impact on your IT landscape. We can provide guidance based on the stage you are at and the level of support your require; from validating your initial transition path to designing a full, in-depth transition roadmap.

Solution Delivery Services


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