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SAP S/4HANA Transition Plan Analysis

Refining your S/4 transition plan

If you have already created an SAP S/4HANA transition plan, our SAP experts can help you further develop and refine it.


  • Verify compatibility of add-ons

    If any of your current processes will no longer work on S/4, as part of our our SAP S/4HANA transition plan analysis we can propose alternative options.

  • Identify business impact

    An S/4HANA transition is an important milestone with both a functional impact on your users, and technical impact on your IT landscape. A key stage in our SAP S/4HANA transition plan analysis is to scrutinize business continuity during the transition and subsequent new ways of working.

  • Evaluate user experience

    We look at what Fiori, as the standard user experience, means for your users.

  • Technical landscape optimization

    Evaluate the SAP landscape architecture, optimize and avoid redundancies.

  • Assess custom code compatibility

    We verify the compatibility of your z-programs and recommend an action plan.

  • Measure impact on connected systems

    With your SAP ERP system often connected to several other SAP and non-SAP systems, we analyze the impact on these interfaces and data transfers when you move towards S/4HANA.

Key benefits

  • An S/4 architecture with compliant connected systems

    Assurance that your systems and processes remain connected and compliant.

  • Continuity for business change requests

    Achieve a fluid transition with minimal impact on the business.

  • User experience based on latest Fiori apps

    Prepare users by predicting how the transition will impact them through Fiori.

  • No unnecessary rewriting of custom code

    Identify custom code that is S/4 HANA compliant and limit code rewriting.


  • S/4 architecture proposition

    Future proof S/4 HANA landscape, On-Premise or Cloud, based on your business requirements and IT strategies.

  • Business continuity plan

    Limit the impact on your ongoing projects during the S/4 HANA transition.

  • S/4 compatibility report

    Discover used SAP add-ons or client specific processes that are not compatible with S/4 HANA and offer possible solutions for these incompatibility cases.