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SAP S/4HANA Transition Roadmap Design

Creating an S/4HANA transition or implementation roadmap

Our extensive SAP experience means we can design a comprehensive SAP S/4HANA roadmap for your organization according to SAP best practices. We can also work with you to create structured end-to-end documentation for an implementation project.


  • Build a transition roadmap

    Our roadmaps are structured into phases and workstreams according to SAP project methodology, and consist of activities, deliverables and tasks.

  • Offer ongoing support

    Our SAP S/4HANA transition roadmap guides you from the discovery and preparation phases, through to exploration, realization and deployment, and finalize with hyper care and run phases.

Key benefits

  • Visibility and transparency

    Gain a full overview of your S/4 transition from the outset, so you and your users can prepare for the next phase.

  • Lower risk

    Understand and be able to mitigate risks before they occur.


  • Full delivery roadmap

    Your in-depth and comprehensive SAP S/4HANA transition roadmap is tailored specifically to your business needs and IT requirements.

  • Activities and deliverables per phase

    Each phase follows SAP best practices and is based on SAP project methodology.