migrating to the cloud choosing a cloud service provider

Commercial Insight: How to choose a cloud service provider when migrating to the cloud

This cloud migration project delivered OPEX reduction, the agility to flex with demand and a competitive contract with the chosen cloud service provid...

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managing commercial risks and opportunities

Commercial Insight: Managing commercial risks and opportunities

Learn more about managing the commercial risks and opportunities in your IT organization from our commercial experts Emily Petty and Sarah Walters Exp...

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supplier management, procurement

Commercial Insight: Supplier management – why positive supplier relationships are key to success

Building positive and sustainable relationships with strategic suppliers should be at the heart of your supplier management strategy. Expertis was gra...

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strategic suppliers

Commercial Insight: Managing strategic suppliers – every bit of spend is an opportunity to save

How do you manage operational costs? Do you know who your strategic suppliers are? Are there suppliers that you are dependent on and do you have plans...

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sap software 5 webinar series

SAP Insight: Licensing and Managing your SAP Software – 5 Webinar Series, Nov 17-Dec 9, 2020

Make educated decisions on licensing and managing your SAP software investment Learn the ins and outs of SAP license audit, Digital Access and S/4HANA...

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When to outsource

Commercial Insight: When should businesses engage external expertise?

All businesses understand that they can’t possibly operate without the help of third parties but the decision of when to manage requirements in house ...

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Commercial Insight: Are your incumbent IT Services suppliers delivering the right level of service for the right price?

Using independent commercial specialists to focus negotiations with a long-term incumbent supplier delivered 20% savings, improved commercial terms an...

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Reducing run costs whilst transforming service

Commercial Insight: Reducing run costs by 25% whilst transforming services for a £23m contract for a Financial Services client

A commercially led program overcoming major challenges, building the business case, and delivering a world class contract with longevity and value *Pr...

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Reducing project costs

Commercial Insight: Reducing project costs by 25% through integrated commercial management

Global distributor Medias ships thousands of next-day parcels and needed to access versatility in different markets, reduce software development and l...

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Commercial Insight: How to deliver commercial benefit from your managed infrastructure service provider

Insightful technical and commercial decisions helped Marinar rescope and upgrade its Infrastructure whilst achieving sustainable business benefits *Pr...

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