ibm license compliance audit defense

IBM Insight: IBM audit defense mitigates $250M license compliance risk

How we helped a large public sector organization mitigate $250M license compliance risk identified in an IBM audit report. ITAA were engaged to help a...

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ibm full and sub capacity licensing

IBM Insight: Full capacity licensing risk from legacy operating systems

Avoiding risk from legacy operating systems no longer eligible for IBM sub capacity licensing Seasoned IBM license compliance managers know that meeti...

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ibm non pvu licenses

IBM Insight: Why you shouldn’t ignore your IBM non-PVU licenses

Focusing on your IBM non-PVU licenses is more important than you think Though sub capacity requirements do not apply to IBM non-PVU licenses there can...

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ibm software audit defense trends 2021

IBM Insight: What IBM software audit trends have we seen in 2021?

In this article we share some of the key insights obtained from our IBM software audit defense experiences in 2021 2021 has again been a very active y...

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ibm audit court case

IBM Insight: IBM Audits – lessons to be learnt from Cimino v IBM (the IRS court case)

The allegations in this on-going court case highlight key IBM audit risks and pitfalls. We summarize these and suggest how to overcome them. At ITAA w...

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how to prepare ibm audit

IBM Insight: How to prepare for an IBM audit

Learn more about best practices when preparing for an IBM audit from our IBM licensing expert Koen Dingjan Have you received an IBM software audit not...

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ibm license compliance audit

IBM Insight: Mitigating over $100m in IBM license compliance risk

Our IBM expert helped Fortune 500 company, Altus, successfully navigate its IBM license compliance audit, mitigate a substantial compliance risk and s...

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ibm software license review process

IBM Insight: What to expect from an IBM Software License Review

Have you received an IBM Software License Review notification letter? Are you wondering what will happen and what you should do next? In this article ...

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IBM License Metric Tool

IBM Insight: Stay compliant and optimize spend with the IBM license metric tool – ILMT

Stay compliant and optimize spend with the IBM license metric tool – ILMT Koen Dingjan, IBM specialist at ITAA The most significant compliance risk fo...

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IT alliance

ITAA Insight: IT alliance strengthens the world of software asset management and commercial services

Industry experts join forces to form an IT alliance that provides independent software advisory services and commercial expertise Information Technolo...

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